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about us

We are a creative boutique agency.
If someone has something to say, we know how to turn it into memorable ideas and images.
We focus on big ideas and obsess on little details. Our solutions range goes from conceptualization, integrated communications strategies, advertising, advertainment and cultural marketing, to execution, maintenance and care production.
Nothing makes us happier than to work with beauty, however beyond style, we are obsessed with functionality, which leads us and makes us efficient to propose and solve on time and accurately, that´s why we have lasting relationships whith our clients, in which, every day, we renew or vows with their communication needs, design, technology and art.
We assimilate the energy that moves the world, conquering abroad trends, but having our heart set in the cultural richness of our own country; this glocal vision enriches our proposal with trends and with a strong identity.Our greatest charm is the creative talent, our essence is the elasticity to achieve our goals, we are flexible to develop different scales projects and commited to work, learning and reinventing ourselves every day… nothing stops us.



from latin: flux, fluxus.

1. An act of flowing.
2. Upward movement of the brand.
3. Substance wich enables fusion.

LatexFlux. we love to be free and independent to get to know closely our clients, feeling part of their own staff and create together, the secret to reach this: latex flux, the formula we developed to give unique responses, a creative flow to conceive and materialize original seductive ideas, tailored to each project.

Look artificial.
Be natural.

Latex, artificial-looking substance but with origin and natural structure.

A natural polymer extracted from some plant species such as Hevea-brasiliensis, constructed by lactiferous cells networks from an agglutinated isoprene structure. Its insolubility in water, electrical resistance, elasticity and impermeability have been artificialy recreated to make plastic resins.